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Everything starts with a conversation.

INATIGO—a worldwide award-winning research, innovation and AI technology company.

Worked With UK The
Financial Regulators

Working with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Advice Unit to provide high quality AI financial guidance models via voice and chat.

Named WealthTech100
2024 Leaders' List

INATIGO was hand-selected and named as a Top 100 WealthTech100 2024 company in the world by company, Fintech Global beating 1300 applicants.

Becomes a NVIDIA
Inception Company

Working with worldwide technology leaders NVIDA, further enables INATIGO to rapidly deliver and scale best-in-class solutions to its customers.

Supported & Backed By
Microsoft For Startups

Microsoft For Startups supports INATIGO as one of their Scale companies. This collaboration provides Finley AI with world-class support and technology.


Next-Gen AI meet, Finley AI.

Financial AI Agent

A conversational Financial AI Agent. Delivering empathetic real-time, up-to-date financial data, guidance and insights.



The first all-in-one generative AI business platform and copilot. Built to democratise entrepreneurship for all. Making it easier for anyone to start, learn, fund, or scale a business 10x faster with the power of AI. 
INATIGO process

How do we innovate?

Market Need
Market Size
Competitive Analysis
Feasibility and Scalability
Regulatory and Ethical Considerations
Research and

We begin by researching the market, users, and problem to develop an innovative solution that not only solves these issues but also positively impacts lives or the world.

Beta Phase

We privately/publicly test our innovation, gathering feedback to identify refinements, assess market readiness, and ensure product viability.

Launch Product

After the Beta phase is complete and the innovation meets our key requirements, we will launch it as an official INATIGO product.



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Our Verticals

Working on our vertical areas.

Generative AI
Conversational AI

We're on a mission to make #technologyforgood

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